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Functions and Ways to Use Facial Toner

During this time, toner is known as a skin care product whose function is to remove residual impurities from facial skin. Toner, also known as astringent, clarifier or water refiner, turns out not only to clean skin, but also has a variety of other functions for skin health. Cleaning facial skin with facial soap is not enough. So that all impurities and oils on the face of the skin are lifted perfectly, a series of treatments is needed, one of which is toner. Toner is a skin care product that is used on the face using cotton. The texture is runny, made from soft, and not irritating, so it is quite safe to use to clean the face. Facial Toner Function Toners have a variety of functions, depending on the content and composition. Some functions of toner for facial health and beauty are: 1. Removing the remaining dirt Toner helps clean up residual dirt, oil, and makeup that doesn't lift when using cleansing milk or soap. 2. Moisturize the skin To restore skin moisture, apply
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How to Prevent Bloody Baby Navel

A bloody navel can be experienced by a newborn baby or a few weeks afterwards. This can happen if baby umbilical cord care is not done properly. Wounds or bleeding on the umbilical cord need to be prevented and treated immediately, so as not to become infected. After the baby is born, the umbilical cord will be cut until there are only a few so-called navel stumps. The navel stump will generally release on its own within 10-14 days, after it has previously dried and shrunk. Sometimes a bloody navel can occur when the navel stump will come loose. This condition can be handled by cleaning the area around the navel stump and gently pressing the rest of the umbilical cord to hold the blood out. What needs to be done so that the navel is not bleeding Care for the baby's navel does not bleed is to keep the remaining umbilical cord dry and clean. Care for the umbilical cord can be done in the following ways: Let the navel stump slip off by itself and not be pulled. Keep the area a

Utilizing Baby Balm to Relieve Flu Symptoms in Children

Baby balm is often used to treat flu symptoms in children. Natural ingredients found in baby balms are believed to be safe and beneficial in relieving cold symptoms, such as muscle aches and nasal congestion that can interfere with sleep. Check out the benefits and contents of the following baby balm. Infants and children are more susceptible to colds than adults. Usually, your child catches this influenza virus when you are close to someone who has the flu, whether they are sneezing, coughing or talking. Use of Baby Balm to Relieve Flu Symptoms Symptoms of flu in your baby usually include fever, nasal congestion, coughing, vomiting, diarrhea, sore throat, and decreased appetite. This will certainly make your little fussy and often cry. Although the administration of drugs is not recommended without a doctor's prescription, to overcome the discomfort in your child may be able to take advantage of baby balm. Baby balm can help your little one sleep better at night, and reliev